The Book

Wandering through Wadis: A nature-lover’s guide to the flora of South Sinai


Wandering through Wadis 2nd Edition COVER

A field guide to the plants growing in the mountain wadis and coastal plains of South Sinai. Perfect for the nature-lover or hobbyist interested in identifying the various plants encountered while trekking, hiking, or camel riding in the Sinai desert. For each of the 142 plants in the directory, you will find the Common English and Arabic names, general description and information, photographs, and practical and traditional Bedouin uses.

The second edition is currently only available as an eBook. It is a PDF file that is easy-to-read on computers, laptops, and tablets. Bookmarks have been added to make navigating through the content easy and more convenient.

You can download a FREE excerpt from the guidebook here.

The free eBook sample contains the Table of Contents, Author’s Note, part of the Introduction, thirteen entries from the Plant Directory, the Index of Plants in the Directory, part of the Working List of Other Plants in Sinai, and References.

You can purchase the complete guidebook as a PDF here.

Enter the code WADIBLOG to get a 10% discount.

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