Flora in Sinai ~ White Blooms

White is a common color for the desert flowers in South Sinai. In this collection, you can see the blooms of Wild Desert Onion, Chamomile, Asphodel, Horehound, Dead Sea Apple, Caper, Cometes, Globe Thistle, Heliotrope, Salt Tree, Wild Rue, Desert Baby’s Breath, Wild Mustard, Bindweed and Arghel.

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Wild Mustard ~ Jahag

During the recent Christmas holidays, I spent a day with my family on a desert safari near Wadi Arada. This area has already been blessed by winter rains, so I was thrilled to see some of my favorite plants already sprouting – and in bloom!



This is a type of wall-rocket (Diplotaxi acris), a wild mustard in the cabbage family, called jahag or yahag by the Bedouin. It is one of the species that appears shortly after seasonal rains in desert plains.


It is an annual plant with alternate, serrated-edged leaves that grow out from the base in a rosette formation. The leaves are juicy and peppery-flavored and make a tasty addition to a fresh salad. Of course, the goats, sheep, and camels like to graze these greens as well.


The four-petaled flowers, also edible, are white to pinkish-purplish in color. There is a related species in Sinai, Diplotaxi harra, that has yellow flowers.

Bir Safra Area (53)

Have you ever seen jahag on your desert adventures? Have you ever tasted it?

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